Sunday of the Unjust Judge

                God is long suffering and patient.  He seeks our salvation.  It is for this reason that He is not always quick to answer our prayers or even to necessarily answer them the way we’d like.  This does not always seem clear to us.  How many people have lost heart and grown unsure of God’s concern for their welfare?

                It is so important that we learn to be not only persistent, but faithful in our prayers.   We must never lose heart.  The widow in the parable stands as a symbol of humanity which feels itself weak and appeals to God for comfort.  The difference, of course is that while the widow incessantly pleads for justice from the unrighteous judge, the sinner pleads for mercy from the Righteous Judge.  

                We too, like the widow, must be persistent not only in our prayers but in believing that out of His infinite love for us and in His eternal mercy, God will vindicate our trust in Him.  

                In the parable, even the impious, unfaithful and impudent judge submits, eventually, to the persistence of the widow!  How much more will our Righteous Judge avenge His servants who call upon Him day and night?  This does not mean that we merely must remain vigilant in prayer, but to be expectant and to trust our God with perfect faith, and to remain in our service to Him. 

                What an encouragement for us sinners, the parable is, especially those who are suffering or persecuted or held in fear, to look with certainty and with expectation upon the day of God’s mercy and His infinite love for us.  


Published by

Fr. Shnork Souin

Priest of the Armenian Orthodox Church

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