New Sunday – 1st Sunday after the Resurrection

Christ is Risen!

Today on the church calendar we celebrate Nor Giragi or New Sunday. This liturgical celebration always takes place the Sunday after the celebration of the Lord‘s Resurrection.

It’s profoundly intentional that today’s Gospel lesson is found in the Gospel of St. John 1:1-18. This is referred to as the prologue of the Gospel of St. John. It parallels in many ways the first verses of the Old Testament. In it we hear that from the very beginning of eternity the Son of God preexistent and equal to his Father in essence and being became, in time, part of his own creation by taking upon himself a perfect humanity in all things except for Sin.

His absolute perfection as both God and human completed the earthly ministry which was prophetically foretold in the book of Genesis with the creation of Adam and Eve. Where Adam failed to be his wife’s savior and where Eve failed at being obedient to God‘s command, Christ redeemed all in all by being both the Savior and at the same time obedient completely to the will of his Father thereby bringing salvation to mankind.

Just as last Saturday we observed the Sabbath Rest of Christ in the tomb (shapator in Armenian from Hebrew Shabbat which literally means rest, specifically Christ on rest after his passion, crucifixion and death) where he descended into hell and proclaimed victory to the captives.  This Sunday we celebrate truly the new creation and the life in Christ and the hidden mystery of resurrection which will ultimately be revealed at his second coming.

My encouragement for faithful is to take the time and meditate on the great gift that Christ has brought to us and how making all things new. We are like the spring flowers who are just now peaking through the dirt after a long winters nap. We are reminded daily throughout the season and with the spirit of Christ’s resurrection of the new life that awaits us now as I said hidden but ultimately revealed at Christ’s coming. May God bless you and refresh you daily with the comfort and the promise of his good news the Holy Gospel this New Sunday, Amen.

The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in him Psalm 28:7


Published by

Fr. Shnork Souin

Priest of the Armenian Orthodox Church

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